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What is Soft Washing?

Before soft washing of a house  by Pro, Cork, IrelandAfter soft washing of a house by Pro, Cork, Ireland  - innovative cleaning without harming external surfaces or the environment
Before and after soft washing of a house

Soft-washing is a low pressure cleaning process which uses an environmentally friendly, cleaning solution specially blended for each individual project. The cleaning solution is applied at low pressure that, unlike some power washing techniques, will not hurt or damage painted surfaces, stonework, wood, guttering or roof tiles.

Remove Contaminants

The soft wash process aims not only to clean your roof, walls, patios and other surfaces but also to remove contaminants such as algae, molds, mildews and bacteria that are actually decomposing the surfaces they are growing on. It is the power of chemistry that makes the soft-wash process so effective.

Creative, Innovative, Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Each individual surface with distinct contaminants requires a tailored soft washing solution for the best results. Our cleaning solution is mixed on the spot for optimal results for your cleaning job. In this way we customize our approach to maximize your cleaning results whilst also achieving utmost cost-effectiveness.

Some surfaces will require some additional pressure to get the maximum cleaning effect. Should this be the case, Pro can also apply the latest in pressure washing techniques to complete the job!

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